Instagram’s Co-Founder Criticizes The App For ‘Losing Its Touch’ And Focusing More On Making Money

Instagram’s co-founder is not happy with the way things are being played out on the social network.

Kevin Systrom did not shy away from speaking his heart out about how he really feels about the platform today and that includes how the app is now a marketplace for different influencers.

Not only did he claim during a recent podcast interview with Kara Swisher how the app has lost its touch and soul completely, but he also fails to see it working with the same vision that it was begun/

Kevin added that he is not happy about it. After all, he is the platform’s co-founder and things like this really do matter to him. Moreover, Systrom mentioned how he used to go to Instagram to witness what all his friends and loved ones were doing. But now, he’s seeing it turn into a platform for business where brands are just trying to generate more revenue.

He similarly added how he’s got a lot of regretful feelings on this subject including how commercial the app has become in such a short span of time.

According to him, the biggest issue is related to how Instagram’s main objectives are linked to being more commercial as different creators, deals, and advertising dollars get involved. And that in turn leads to social effects that may not have even been intended.

This really has focused more energy on those leading seemingly fabulous lives that have zero bounds. They’re doing some of the craziest and fanciest of things like appearing their best and donning expensive designer attire.

And what that sets the stage for is a very terrifying yet dynamic ordeal. So many of the app’s users feel that it’s a new type of facade being curated on the app to see people’s real lives.

Kevin feels life is already too hard and seeing people post fancy things on Instagram is really the tip of the iceberg. So many users do end up entering into a race to see who has got the best and who can be the most perfect among the rest.

Furthermore, Kevin says these are things that he’s been experiencing himself through his personal account. So many of his close friends used to put up pictures of daily lives online and now, it’s all about putting out ads.

And he feels that’s not cool as that defies the real purpose for which the app was created.
As the alternative platform to Instagram, Kevin Systrom says BeReal is one place where he sees users being true to themselves and catching themselves in actual moments in time.

But it’s really interesting how the thoughts of the app’s co-founder are coming nearly five years down the lane from when he opted to leave the firm, which is the year 2018. This had to do with a number of serious concerns he had with Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg sold Instagram to Facebook which is now called Meta, for a staggering $1 billion.

Today, Kevin is the co-founder of Artifact which is another type of app based on news and powered using AI technology. It was launched at the start of this year.

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