Ex-Google Executive Says Microsoft Should Disturb Google’s Search Dominance By Paying Apple To Make Bing Its Default Search Engine On iOS

A former executive from Google is sharing some valuable insights regarding the new Bing search and how strongly he feels about its potential of making it big on iPhones.

According to him, Microsoft really needs to work hard and release millions in Apple’s direction to make the news Bing Search a default for iPhone users. He says it entails all of the elements required to disturb Google’s dominance in the search market that we’ve been witnessing for so long.

Sridhar Ramaswamy also claims the software giant doesn’t even need to make money through such a deal because if they ask smartly, it’s going to bring plenty of benefits.

Remember, getting that default search spot on Apple devices means shaking up Google in a way that it may not have seen coming. And if the company wants to really make the tech giant enter into a phase of turmoil, well, the secret ingredient has to do with giving billions of dollars to be the number one search engine of Apple.

The man talking has plenty of experience as he was the lead for Google’s advertising business. And now, he is running his own search engine that serves as an alternate competitor to others in the industry called Neeva.

Microsoft is being instructed not to hold back and make the most of this golden opportunity by spending the necessary money to remove Google from the ‘default search bar’ across iPhones. And he put himself in Microsoft’s shoes, stating how he’d be willing to donate 100 of his revenues if he could to get that deal up and running with huge long-term benefits, including grabbing a hold of some major traffic that’s in demand.

This happens to be one way to create a beachhead as Google is currently paying nearly $15 billion each year as the default search engine on around 1 billion devices owned by Apple around the globe and the iPhone is clearly no exception.

This deal is major and we see some huge benefits as Google churns out some huge returns comprising billions. Its dominating role prevents other smaller rivals from grabbing a share, eliminating healthy competition that has been a matter of debate for years.

The agreement between Apple and Google makes it hard for other search engines to attain a small share of the market and now, we’re hearing that an entire lawsuit rests on Google’s side by the American Judiciary system regarding the search engine giant’s role in anti-trust behavior.

Speaking during a recent AI-themed podcast, the former Google executive feels the search engine giant is paying $15 billion annually to become Apple’s default search engine. This is seen across nearly 1 billion global devices such as the iPhone.

The returns are massive and we’re seeing some billions generated through search queries conducted by Apple every year. He further revealed how Google ended up doing a lot of similar deals with Yahoo and AOL during its starting years and that’s why it was able to build markets and make it big.

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