Facebook to End Group Mentoring: What the Removal of the Feature Means for Facebook's Future?

Facebook has announced that it will be shutting down its Mentorship feature in Groups on May 29th. The company announced the news in support page.

The Mentorship feature was designed to allow fellows of Facebook Groups to connect and form mentor-mentee relationships. The feature was launched in 2018, and it allowed users to sign up to be mentors or mentees, depending on their needs.

The feature was well-received by many Facebook users who appreciated the opportunity to connect with others who could offer guidance and support. However, the company has decided to disable the feature after operating for several years.

The news of the Mentorship feature's shutdown has been met with mixed reactions from Facebook users. Some have expressed disappointment that the feature is being discontinued, while others have expressed hope that Facebook will introduce a new and improved mentorship tool in the future.

The announcement of the feature's shutdown has also raised questions about Facebook's commitment to supporting community-building efforts on the platform. While the company has made several changes to its Groups feature in recent years, some users feel that the removal of the Mentorship feature is a step backward for the platform.

In addition, the communities that are following this will not be able to become a mentor or request a mentor from 27/03/23 and onwards. Besides this, the existing partners can enjoy this feature till 29 May 2023, and after that, it will be completely disabled by the company.

It remains to be seen what impact the shutdown of the Mentorship feature will have on Facebook's user base. While it was popular with some users, it was not widely used across the platform. Nevertheless, Facebook's decision to shut down the feature is likely to be closely watched by social media analysts and commentators.

To sum up, the decision to end the mentorship feature is part of an ongoing review of Facebook's products and services. The company has been making several changes to its platform in recent months, as it seeks to address concerns about privacy and misinformation.

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