Microsoft Confirms Monetization Of Its Chatbot Using Ads With Plans For Better Formats When Displaying Math Solutions

The success that Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot comes with cannot be denied. So many users are satisfied with the AI-powered tool and the fact that it’s for free is mindblowing.

But we bet you must have wondered how the company plans on making money off a tool that does not come with any additional costs? Moreover, speculations were running at an all-time high regarding the introduction of ads as an alternative means of monetization.

And now, the company has officially confirmed that this is the route it plans on taking. The famous Bing Chat Service is all set to be bombarded with ad links as mentioned in a blog entry of the chatbot today.

The blog post clearly highlighted the major goal of Microsoft with this AI tool and that includes driving more traffic toward the direction of publishers in this search world. Moreover, the blog went on to quote the words of Microsoft’s VP and CCMO about how the early launch of the tool is very encouraging.

And keeping in mind the data and feedback that they continue to receive, they’re seeing some great responses from users and a growth in popularity with time.

The goal is to drive traffic toward Bing/Edge toward some more scenarios including chat and for that, they’re adding more endeavors including citations in this body for different chat answers. It gets linked to a lot of sources as citations are seen below the chat responses so users can learn more, no to mention the addition of more links to such sources.

The post added further how the firm continues to meet with some brands that hold partnerships in Microsoft Start’s News Feed. And these partners provide feedback so Microsoft can use the Bing Chat and link content.

There were an array of interesting ideas put forward as future plans for the company. This includes greater hover experiences when hovering links from publishers would display even more links from that place. This provides users with a greater number of means for engagement and brings in more traffic to any publisher’s webpage.

Other than that, we’re seeing the addition of rich captions for Microsoft Start’s content that is licensed. This is beside the response used to drive more engagement of users using content from Microsoft Start and this is where revenue gets shared among partners.

They similarly hope to add ads in users’ chat experience so they can share the revenue gained through advertising with partners where content gets contributed to the response produced by the chatbot.

But the computational giant notes how these ideas are all very new and in the early phase of development. So with time, we can see how the entire ordeal with undergo more changes in the next few months as far as the Bing Chat experience is concerned.

In other news, the company is all set to introduce new formatting styles to display solutions to math problems. A lot of users were complaining about how they found it hard to understand the chat response when asked for help in math. But now, it seems like the makers of GPT-4 are really pushing through with a way to add simplicity to formatting styles.

Math is a common subject by which many users turn to the chatbot for help. So we definitely this was a long time coming.

It’s thanks to Microsoft’s head of advertising who was kind enough to display some easier styles for comprehending math sums that users can expect to arise on the program soon.

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