Meta All Set To Remove Audio Channels From Its Groups By This Month

The final remains of Meta’s social audio push are getting deleted as the company opts to get rid of audio channels from its respective groups.

The news mentioned how the change would be implemented by this month’s end as delineated in a recent notification that was shared by Radu Oncescu.

Meta's goal right now is to make users alert about the change that all of its audio channels are going away. Hence, members wouldn’t be allowed to make new audio channels across groups starting this week.

This is actually the final remaining element of the firm’s audio social push. And that made a huge emphasis as Clubhouse was trending in the year 2021 and it really did push new boundaries in this regard.

More people were adoring the social channel concept and Meta made sure it gave its users exactly what it had asked for. By last year, Meta claimed that it was unveiling a host of social audio offerings such as an audio-only room. This would include some added podcast features and some Soundbites that allowed users to make short-form audio clips using a host of effects.

But despite all the big announcements, the company has opted to cancel them all. And it really does showcase the decreased popularity of audio-only options. This is aligned with the decreased popularity of various other audio options that are getting shelved or given less priority on other platforms.

At the same time, it won’t be wrong to call it out as a means for Meta to reduce its expenses. It has really moved one step back in terms of launching things that it feels are no longer serving the company any good as the focus gets refined and costs are reduced.

Let’s not forget how Meta announced a new round of laying off thousands of its workers, around 10,000 to be exact. This is in addition to the staggering 11,000 jobs that were already cut at the end of last year. And with the way things are playing out now, we won’t be surprised to see more re-organization take place on a bigger scale.

It’s quite clear right now how there is a mega rise in the way this entire audio social culture has metamorphosed into something that was really big in the times of the pandemic but now has opted to die down. People really saw this as a great way to attain human connection as it’s less invasive but more intimate.

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