Twitter users will soon be able to opt themselves out of ads in certain categories

Elon Musk’s Twitter is reportedly planning to introduce a new feature that will allow its users to pull themselves out of advertisements regarding sensitive topics. Based on the screenshot uploaded by Nima Owji, an app researcher, the platform is working to introduce a whole new section in the Ads Preference area.

The latest update is meant to help the users pull themselves away from viewing ads belonging to specific content. Since the feature is still under development, the only available topic at the moment is gambling; however, it can be expected that the number of topics will increase and will include arms and ammunition as well as alcohol, etcetera.

What needs to be stressed is that enabling the feature does not mean that the user won’t see any ads from the selected topics; instead, the number of ads will be dropped to a minimum but won’t be eliminated from the feed. Hence, the users should still be ready to view ads even if they pull themselves out by showing no interest in viewing them. Since Twitter has already lost almost seventy percent of the top advertising brands, the platform needs to keep itself open in this regard.

Three years ago, in 2020, a similar update was introduced by Meta, in which the company allowed the users to opt themselves out of advertisements promoting pets, alcohol, and ads regarding elections. The company made it clear that the option will only limit the number of ads; it won’t remove them entirely from the feed. If a user is not interested in viewing ads belonging to any of the mentioned topics, they won’t be viewing them frequently. Not only this, but they can even protect themselves from targeted advertising.

Twitter is on the same path as Meta, and it can be expected that the upcoming ad setting will help advertising agencies reach their specific audience. Giving users the power to control which ads they can see or pull themselves out of is a move that is well appreciated. No date or time has been shared yet as to when the latest ad category display will be available.

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