Smart home devices are a real life saver, as per this Google survey

Smart home devices have several benefits. They are practical and simple to use, and they can raise your standard of living. Whether it is doorbells, lights, speakers, cameras, or refrigerators, you can monitor and manage all of the daily activities taking place around your home while remaining in your comfort zone. You may utilize smart home gadgets to control lighting, cleaning, heating, and other aspects of your home life while also getting security and safety. They are cheap yet they provide exceptional performance and convenience, greatly easing your daily life. You can also save a ton of time and money with them.

According to a survey of 2,000 U.S. smart device owners done by the market research firm OnePoll sponsored by Google Nest, baby boomers (1946 -1960) tend to adopt smart home technology the fastest. This poll was conducted to help people understand the value of smart home devices and the positive effects that having access to these gadgets may have on their lives.

54% of poll participants reported that they received their first smart home device as a gift, while 1 in 5 people who bought it themselves paid less than $75 at the time.

Also, 16% and 18% of respondents claimed that their first smart home gadget was a streaming device or a camera. 45% of people who just have one smart home gadget at home said they only have a camera as it was one of the first widely used gadgets.

As previously mentioned, baby boomers readily adjust to these devices, and 2/3 of them immediately began using them while 46% of gen Z experienced some trouble setting up their devices. Compared to the millennials, who had the most amount of opposition to these devices, 63% of generation Z expressed the least degree of opposition.

In addition, 51% claimed that they had successfully set up various routines and automation on their devices to make their everyday duties easier.

Nonetheless, 34% of those polled claimed that if they had known the benefits, they would have automated their homes more. However, 27% would make use of their smart home gadgets if they figure out how to utilize them.

According to the director of products at Google Nest, Karen Yao, many people believe that these smart home appliances are only for tech-savvy homeowners, but "Matter," a smart home devices company, enables you to create a great smart home ecosystem for yourself as their devices are much more convenient and customizable to use.

Karen Yao also mentioned that buying these smart home devices is a challenging step but you can always receive some help from your family and friends and you would never regret it.

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