Instagram Tests New Ads In Search Results To Reach Wider Audiences

Instagram has been forced to deal with poor demand on the advertising front. And now, we’re hearing more about how the tech giant is putting forward new tools on the app that helps to solve this matter.

The leading social media platform says its planning on testing ads in the search results feature so it can directly reach out to those in search of businesses and content.

The company mentioned how ads are more likely to show up across the feed so people can scroll when they tap into posts through the results attained in the search.

The initial phase is taking place right now but with time, Meta hopes to launch more ads in the search results feature in the next couple of months. And as you can imagine, this feature won’t be adored by consumers who are trying everything possible to get rid of the ads.

After seeing the ad placement get launched around the globe, users will be allowed to see more ads linked to their respective searches. For instance, those searching for food will likely see more food options pop up on the feed.

You can spot the difference between such ads and the usual posts by seeing the word sponsored mentioned under each account’s handle.

Similarly, we’re hearing more news about how Instagram is launching a feature called Reminder Ads. This is designed to make it so much simpler for firms to alert, remind, and announce any latest trends or happenings that they have a possibility of getting interested in.

The whole thought process behind this Reminder Ads endeavor is that it allows advertisers to gain more awareness and anticipation for recent events Users can set reminders and get three alerts from the Instagram app.

Similarly, users will attain reminders one day before this event or when the scheduled launch is planned. These reminder options are getting rolled out for all advertisers as options in the feed.

The new tools are designed to better the firm’s ability to get in more revenue during a financial crunch time where Meta has been struggling in terms of ad sales. It’s part of the Q4 2022 earnings stats. And that’s when Facebook’s parent firm added how its revenue for ads fell to $31 billion from $32 billion during the same quarter in 2022.

So desperate times are calling for desperate measures and this seems to be one of them.

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