Adobe’s President Vows To Compensate Artists Fairly After Launching Its New AI Product

While the benefits of generative AI technology are plenty, the drawbacks cannot be ignored.

And one of the biggest ones in this regard has to do with the threat of such tools and software and how they're making people unemployed.

Let’s all face the reality of the situation that’s put up in front of us. Why would you hire skilled writers, graphic designers, and moderators when it can all be done through automated means right?

Well, it might be very early to rely on such technology but it appears the world is getting there, slowly and surely. Leading tech firms are making use of AI and with search engines being AI-based, we can only imagine what’s next.

Today, Adobe’s President mentioned in a recently held interview how his company was also ready to launch its own generative AI products. And while it may have failed to provide accurate details of the matter, the reality of the situation is that it’s trying to address the concerns of artists who are worried they’ll be unemployed soon.

Remember, one issue that we saw with the likes of ChatGPT is how the tool is getting the right to make use of others’ work without providing any form of acknowledgment or compensation.

Adobe says it does understand the issues related to the subject and it’s now vowing to give its illustrators and artists full compensation after their work is used to train the AI models in the process.

The news comes after an interview with Upfront Summit took place at the start of this month. Scott Belsky highlighted how so many enterprise clients are worried sick about using content produced via this form of technology.

Other than that, leading clients in the corporate world are having their own say about how they don’t feel comfortable making use of AI technology when there are no details on how training was done.

This was right before we saw Adobe mention more about its own AI endeavors.

The company says it is currently undergoing beta testing of its generative AI goods. Moreover, the company set out a new beta for this form of technology and its product is dubbed Firefly. This comes with full assurance that sourcing shouldn’t be an issue and all artists would be taken care of to the best of the firm’s abilities.

More details revealed how the pictures from the AI product would arise from Adobe’s own library. So they’re going to use millions of content pieces that are completely licensed and will set out generative output for safer commercial needs.

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