WhatsApp users will soon be able to send video messages

Leading instant messaging application, WhatsApp, is reportedly working on a new feature that will make the platform more engaging and user friendly. The developers are currently planning to introduce an update that will allow users to share video messages.

It is believed that the upcoming version will act like an upgrade to voice messaging. The current voice message feature is used to share emotions or to share things urgently, but if a user wants to guide someone, such as by giving instructions, the latest video message feature will come in handy, as not only will it take less time than sharing a full video, but the user will also be able to easily convey their message or show their exact emotions.

The time limit for a video message is expected to be just sixty seconds, unlike voice notes that have no known time limit, whereas video content has a limit of three minutes. The message can easily be recorded by tapping on the camera icon displayed on the user’s screen. Since the update is still in its developmental stage, no details are available regarding what to expect from it or when to expect its availability.

However, Wabetainfo shared a glimpse of what the future update may look like. It can be seen that the new feature will work the same as the voice message feature, but the video message will have more advantages as it will let users express their thoughts and emotions more clearly as compared to a typed message or a simple voice note.

Similarly, at some places, a voice note or simple typed message may not be able to convey the message, and sharing a full video may take time, so the video message can step up and the user will be able to share things clearly. Since WhatsApp chats are end-to-end encrypted, no one, not even developers, will be able to see what was shared via video message; similarly, the platform won’t allow messages sent in the form of video messages to be shared with anyone else, but screen recordings or screen shots can still be shared.

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