Google Opens Up Its AI Chatbot Bard To A Few Of Its Pixel Superfans

Tech giant giant Google has been blasted for failing to pick up the pace and launch its AI-powered chatbot called Bard.

The tool appears to be undergoing more trials but many tech experts feel that perhaps the company may have rushed to unveil it before it was even deemed ready to be launched to the public.

The software is powered using AI technology that is very similar to that seen with the ever so popular and successful GPT-3 and GPT-4. Testing is definitely taking place as we speak.

But finally, we’re hearing about the company opening up the product to several Pixel Superfans.

In February, Bard was unveiled but the company failed to outline any sort of a potential timeline that would delineate when a launch could be expected. It just mentioned how it would be testing the product with its reliable Trusted Tester Program. But now, the tech giant wishes to expand the test further to other groups.

The news comes to us thanks to 9to5Google who saw the email that was published to Pixel Superfans. Google lent out an invite to the superfans for making use of its AI Bard before all others. And as far as we are aware, the company is yet to open up access to it. However, by the looks of it, it’s going to come very soon.
The email sent speaks about meeting Bard which Google dubs an early experiment that lets users collaborate with the world of AI technology. Moreover, the company wants to offer the superfans the chance to get early access so they can begin to use it as soon as the launch paves through. They also hope the superfans community would share feedback because it’s only as great as its users make it to be.

Also, Google mentioned in the email how they’re super excited to listen to how people feel about Bard. With that does come a statement speaking about how errors are inevitable and that there will be times when such language models might not get things right from the start. But again, they will work on improvement through slight tweaks and adjustments.

The project seems like a way for the Android maker to start training in real-life. Just last month, we heard about Google’s employees taking part in tests and training periods to help give feedback and assist with training the AI chatbot by making corrections to incorrect statements.

H/T: 9to5google / Photo: Google

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