US Federal Judge Says Google Should Be Sanctioned For Not Preserving Chat Messages Between Employees

Google is feeling the heat after a federal judge in California recently claimed the tech giant deserved to be sanctioned for failing to preserve the chat messages arising between employees.

The incident is related to the firm’s antitrust case that came forward from Epic Games.

The judge further explained through a recent court filing how the firm chose to take on a policy that comprised of the phenomenon, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ in terms of keeping messages and that was at the clear expense of so many of its preservation duties.

As of this point in time, the judge is yet to delineate which sanctions are going to be placed on Google and instead, chose to write how the Court is keen on seeing the play of any evidence toward the end of this fact discovery process. This is because, by that time, so many plaintiffs would be in a better position to explain any losses arising in its Chats.
But the woes and worries of Google do not stop over there. There are a series of similar allegations being set out in terms of how the company is keen on getting rid of any kind of evidence by the DOJ against the firm as a part of its anti-trust case.

Remember, at that point in time, Google made it very clear how it disagreed with claims made by the DOJ.

This latest filing includes a long string of texts between both Google executives carrying out debates on whether or not they were required to keep a hold of chat history on matters that related to the case.

Epid Games was seen accusing the Android maker of not retaining chats taking place among workers, which it needed to do while it was still under the hold of litigation. Instead, the search engine giant opted to leave it all in the hands of workers to better judge when chat histories should be on or off when talking about topics linked to legal proceedings.

Epic also unveiled how Google needed to really go one step ahead and ensure such texts were saved by means of default. Hence, now they’re putting out exhibits that display how Google’s workers witnessed chats as a less formal means to carry out communication.

So at the end of it all, the Judge concluded how the verdict of this lawsuit would be decided on the basis of non-monetary sanctions that need more proceedings.

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