Google Announces AI Health Projects And Collaborations At Its Yearly ‘The Check Up’ Event

Search engine giant Google has put forward a long list of health initiatives and collaborations at its yearly event called ‘The Check Up’.

The company’s health team has shared a long list of updates regarding some new features that are arriving soon on Search including tools that are designed for use while creating health apps. This also entails the latest research in the world of AI that has to do with new health developments.

During this event, the firm has really worked hard at discussing a long list of partnerships that are used to create advancements in medical technology and treatment approaches like ultrasound, cancer cure, and screenings for infectious diseases like TB.

But the main buzz has to do with the likes of a giant medical language model that has been dubbed Med-PaLM.

Google says it first introduced the Med-PaLM feature during the latter part of 2022. This is designed to give rise to a long list of high-quality responses to so many medical queries. Moreover, this AI system was the first of its kind to attain a passing score of 60% on MCQs which are quite similar to those seen in licensing examinations in America.

Google was seen taking great pride in how its second iteration for Med-PaLM 2 continued to perform at the expert level on so many exam questions with an accuracy score of 85% which is 18% greater than what we saw in the past.

While there is a lot to learn and a long way for Google to go but this is a great start, nevertheless. Remember, the world of medicine and medical information is quite sensitive in nature. And in reality, it might be a long time before we see this type of technology at the fingertips of an average person.

The goal is to provide responsible innovation in the most controlled environments of them all.

Regardless of anything, Google says it plans on working hard in this domain. It would be by the side of so many researchers and medical experts with whom the Android maker wishes to collaborate in the near future.

Google says that the potential in this field is incredible but it’s so important that they stay focused on real-world targets. And by that, we mean exploring things in a more responsible or ethical frame of mind.

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