Google Adds A Splash Of Its Own AI Elements To Gmail, Slides, Sheets, Google Docs, And More

It looks like search engine giant Google is all set to dive deeper into the world of AI as the company prepares to include more AI elements in its most notable offerings.

The news comes after the roaring success of ChatGPT which is an AI-based tool that has revolutionized the world. Now, Google hopes to add a tinge of its own AI into Gmails, Slides, Sheets, Docs, and others.

Google is now providing an overview that shows the firm adding a wide array of generative AI into so many of its tools. It claims that these new features would give users the sort of assistance that can really help them generate mail, summarize chats, writing prompts, and more.

As revealed by the company recently through a public blog post, users can benefit by adding topics to Gmails and Google Docs. And before they know it, they’ll have a ready-made draft from which they can benefit.

Parents can similarly come up with invitations by using ready-made drafts while HR professionals may further benefit by saving time with customized job description drafts too. The goal is to use this new Workspace to save time and energy when writing the initial version.

It certainly would not be wrong to compare this to the likes of ChatGPT that software giant Microsoft is adding to so many of its apps and processes. But now, Google seems to be following in its footsteps, despite being so hesitant in the start to adopt the trend.

Its biggest fear has always been a risk to reputation as such systems tend to produce major flaws or incorrect results.

Right now, Google says it is being forced to make some huge decisions as more and more people are turning to the AI trend. For instance, the waitlist for the new Bing Search Engine continues to increase each day.

Meanwhile, AI tools are getting so much attention and so if Google does not plan on acting soon, it’s going to miss out on a very fruitful opportunity by sitting and watching on the sidelines. But what exactly will these new tools offer users is a question on so many people’s minds. And we thought it was high time to figure out the answer.

For starters, it’s going to enable features like making drafts, producing replies, summarizing articles, and making your Gmail a bigger priority than it already is.

On the other hand, it hopes to assist with brainstorming, writing, proofreading, and even rewriting across Google Docs. You will similarly benefit from images that are auto-created as well as audio and video production seen in different Slides.

Furthermore, users would benefit from generative backgrounds on Google Meet and better workflows for Chat. Lastly, there will be an automated generation of formulas to make the entire Google Sheets process a smoother sailing affair.

And just in case that was not enough, Google is launching its own AI models that developers will be allowed to build on further. This way, it would be able to incorporate more AI tools into apps.

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