Microsoft Confirms The New Bing Search Is Running On GPT-4 As New Updates Arrive

While the news might not come as a huge surprise to many people at this moment in time, software giant Microsoft has indeed confirmed how its new Bing Search is making use of GPT-4.

The official announcement was made by the firm’s corporate VP who says the new AI chatbot is running on the latest version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT which is GPT-4. This news was first published on Twitter and then reconfirmed on the official website of Bing to avoid any sort of confusion regarding the matter.

Yusuf Mehdi says the company is more than ecstatic to announce the news as this new version is more customized to carry out searches. So that means users can benefit all around.

In the past, whenever it was questioned what software was being used, the company would beat around the bush and stick to saying that it was using its own customized model and the new generation OpenAI language model.

While the announcement is definitely huge, the description provided was quite vague. Other than the fact that it’s customized for search, no other mention of future offerings were given. Although we though know from insiders that there will be a new image-to-text combo up for grabs.

On the other hand, there is more news now about the new Bing Chat getting a series of new updates. While it was only recently that we saw the number of turns increases to 150 and around 15 per day, we might be seeing some more great new features up for grabs.

Mikhail Parakhin, who is the firm’s head of advertising did turn to his account on Twitter to unveil a few other interesting updates that users can expect very soon. This includes how Bing’s creative mode has been shipped to the likes of 100%.

It’s something to celebrate as this means saying hello to the perfect companion linked to the Edge Production sidebar. But it’s interesting how when questions were thrown in his direction about the details of the creative mode, he refused to answer.

Instead, he just continued to praise the team of Google Bard along the way by mentioning how his goal was not to make the life of developers there any easier because they’re already quite smart.

Meanwhile, another person questioned the update regarding getting faster replies. And on that note, he was quick to add that it was in the process and would be going live very soon.

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