Elon Musk Sparks Online Frenzy After Accusing US Media And Elite American Colleges Of Racism

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is making headlines again and this time around, it has nothing to do with actions taking place on the Twitter platform.

The billionaire accused the US media as well as elite colleges and respective schools of showing racism against both Asians as well as whites. But the news started a whole new debate as the Twitter chief failed to justify the behavior and why he felt that way, to begin with.

Many hoped to see some sort of evidence but they ended up getting nothing after the fiasco struck. Moreover, the news came after Musk set forward a series of comments on the Twitter app which currently has 130 million followers across it.

This was in response to news about media organizations after a recent comic strip called Dilbert had been cut out after the creator delivered a very racist tirade in one of his posts across the YouTube channel in the previous week.

That particular content had a poll too that went on to discuss how 26% of Blacks did not agree with the statement about it being alright if you’re white. This particular phrase further emphasized the likes of the poll being questionable as such a slogan is very hateful and is called out as one that’s anti-defamation. In the video post, Adams referred to all Blacks that did not like the statement as ones belonging to the hate group.

Adams similarly mentioned how he preferred to live in communities where there were minimal blacks and then later went on to advise others who were white that they needed to steer clear of such communities as he felt that he did not want anything to do with the Blacks.

This video was put out during America’s famous Black History Month and came about in the year 1976. It is a time period that gives praise and respect to all Black Americans who struggled immensely for their rights during this time.

Other leading media agencies that remove the Dilbert comic strip included the LA Times, Cleaveland Plain Dealer, and USA Today. But not everyone is a fan of what Musk is saying and what he believes in.

One leading civil rights lawyer mentioned how systemic racism needs widespread bigotry for it to be called out in a particular group. Similarly, it needs some sort of structural part that gives rise to both oppression and even discrimination and it ends up getting imposed on minorities due to advantages linked to power as well as easy access.

Let’s not forget how many people feel that Elon Musk may not be in the best position himself to make such comments. His own Tesla firm was bashed after it refused to pay an ex-employee for damages linked to hostile working conditions at his company Tesla. Similarly, the firm was accused of racist abuse taking place in the factory where the individual worked in the position of an elevator operator.

Creator: Trevor Cokley / Credit: U.S. Air Force Academy Copyright (Public Domain)

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