Elon Musk Regains His Top Spot As The World’s Richest Man

The index of the world’s wealthiest people shows that Elon Musk has managed to regain his top spot as the world’s richest man.

Yes, he’s been crowned the leader again of the famous Bloomberg wealthiest people list with a net worth that comprises $187 billion.

The Twitter chief managed to beat out Bernard Arnault who is the CEO of LVMH whose net worth currently stands at $182 billion per Bloomberg’s latest statistics from its Billionaire Index.

Last year, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO went downhill after his wealth suffered a mega loss when Tesla’s shares struck a new low on January 3 that stood at $108 as per recent data from Yahoo Finance. But on Monday, it was a whole different picture altogether as Tesla’s shares closed at $207.

After the turmoil in 2022, where Elon Musk made headlines by buying Twitter after a lot of uncertainty, not to mention the many lawsuits attached to his name, the year 2023 is looking bright and beautiful for him.

During the start of this month, we saw him take part in a new civil trial that was filed in San Francisco and accused him of being responsible for stating boldly in 2018 that he had enough funding to take Tesla private. But that thought never followed through into a real transaction.

On the other hand, Twitter’s chief also posted through his Twitter account this month that his firm was trending to break even and he was trying hard to save the app from undergoing bankruptcy.

Now, Musk continues to face a lot of legal battles from the former employees of Twitter that he fired abruptly. Similarly, there are plenty of legal cases from the likes of landlords that claim the Twitter offices really fell behind in terms of rent.

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