New Study Highlights The Global Trends Of Unnecessary Spam Phone Calls

There can truly be nothing worse than being bombarded by spam on a daily basis.

Be it phone calls or text messages or even unnecessary ads- it’s an absolute nuisance and users around the world are suffering from the likes of this behavior.

But what if we told you that it’s not just Americans who are going through the act of spam phone calls. On average, we hear that one of out every three such calls that the American citizen gets are spam related. These are from those that aren’t saved as contact and the stats are very recent, highlighting figures from last year’s final quarter.

However, a new study shows that it’s not as bad as some other nations around the globe. And by that, we mean saying hello to phone spam in nations like Argentina where it’s a new ballgame altogether.

This is never great news for obvious reasons. Thanks to a new report, we’re getting more insights on the global trends of spam phone calls and how the USA is facing spam 35% as per stats from a Seattle-based firm called Hiya that provides call screening.

Their apps managed to track down a mega 7 billion spam calls taking place in Q4 of last year and the peak time period was delineated to be between October 17 to October 22. This is where it was able to flag more than 655 million spam phone calls.

The great news about this is how a lot of US citizens get calls that are annoying and not fraud related. And there was also a decline in the most dangerous spam call of them all, the auto-warranty robocall.

In the same way, this report shows some huge regulatory moves made by the FCC that took against one scammer generating robocalls. They were penalized with a huge $300 million fine. Similarly, other huge actions included sending out orders to voice providers to prevent traffic from one telecom provider that it felt was allowing the action to occur.

As far as which type of spam in the world of phone calls was leading the pack across the US was concerned, it’s those selling fake healthcare policies or advice linked to the world of health.

Some scammers want your medicare numbers so they can send bills to the government for treatment and procedures that didn’t even take place.

Meanwhile, some nations do have more of a problem than others. The report shed light on how Argentina is the worst around the globe including the rates for fraud calls too. Furthermore, the figures outlined included 52% and 22% respectively and as you can imagine, it’s huge.

The second place for the most spam phone calls was Indonesia where the spam rate was outlined to be 51%. Both Hong Kong and Chile were runner-ups for the third position and stood out with a 48% rate for spam.

In terms of fraud calls rates, it’s Mexico that managed to take the second position with 16% while the UK was third with 13%. And if you wish to answer your phone calls without having any anxiety about who it’s from, well, Ireland is there with the lowest spam call rates. The rate here was just 5%.

Furthermore, the lowest rate for fraud calls was seen in the Czech Republic with just 0.23%.

The solution to the problem as outlined by the report is not to shift to other regions. Instead, it wants carriers to take on stricter call screening measures so citizens don’t have to go through all of this in the first place.
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