Elon Musk Announces Exciting Changes On The Twitter App And Here’s What To Expect

Elon Musk never fails to surprise users on the Twitter app. And now, we’re hearing about some major changes coming forward that users can expect.

For starters, the tech billionaire revealed how the app’s algorithm is all set to undergo open sourcing-upon his directives. Musk announced the change through a tweet that was published today on his account.

He claims all recommended posts would be given open-source codes. The news is not too shocking because, for a while now, Twitter has been working hard to provide its users with more transparency about how its algorithm shows them posts.

The change comes after so many complaints were received about how annoying it has become to see other people’s posts on your feed that belong to those that users aren’t even following.

Secondly, the app says it is busy trying out new options that help to give users more alerts to attain notifications on their activity across the platform. The news was put forward by one of the app’s designers named Andrea Conway. She claims it’s super exciting to see what is up for grabs because staying alert about your feed is always recommended.

Twitter shared screenshots of how users can simply change settings by going to the three-dot menu and clicking on the tab that says Notify Me. This would be an application for all posts including new tweets, quote tweets, and even replies.
We feel the launch of such a feature is much recommended because it helps you be aware of any evolving discussions on topics that you might be interested in. It’s certainly helpful for tweets that arise from celebs and things happening in differnet parts of the world like global forums.

Thirdly, the Twitter app is preparing to introduce ID verification for its premium Blue Subscribers when they opt to go along the entire sign-up process. The goal behind the launch is very simple- to introduce a new type of security layer that ensures the person signing up for the Twitter Blue subscription is actually a real person that has a real identity or presence.

Twitter Blue is actually picking up the pace and the company knows that with so many subscribers wanting to sign up, it’s going to be hard to keep tabs on who is real and who is not. So why not test a new feature that solves that problem with ease, no?

Twitter has been struggling in terms of ensuring users who sign up on the app are actually real and not fake personalities. They’ve learned a very big lesson with their Blue Tick program in regards to how much work they need to put in to bring back users’ trust as bots and trolls are everywhere on the popular microblogging site.

Fourthly, the app is looking forward to a launch of a unique text formatting option. The app confirmed how it’s picking up the pace for new types of formatting offers while posting tweets to add something different than the usual native ones.

Thanks to social media expert and enthusiast Alessandro Paluzzi, the goal is to introduce options like bold, italic, and underline so users can benefit when setting out tweets on the app.

The company’s chief spoke about the new addition in January of this year and appears like he’s sticking to his promises.

Last but not least, Twitter is removing a feature that would no longer allow users to put their location on display. This is deemed to be the latest in terms of a long list of cutbacks on the app.

So what this means is that users will be prevented from tagging specific locations in a particular tweet. It was a fun feature that came as an option for geo-tagging with users posts’ but not, but it’s going away.

Users are speaking about how they’re going to miss seeing locations tagged to tweets so it makes it so much harder to find a location, especially if you’re not quite sure about what you’re searching for.

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