As per Nielsen, several streaming sites have seen a fall in their viewership in the shortest month of the 2023

The monthly "Nielsen the Gauge" study measures the overall amount of time spent on streaming services. As of this month's statistics, views were down up to 5.01% from January of last year.

Despite this, streaming platforms climbed 1.5 percentage points from January to a dominant 34.3% share of time spent viewing, a new high for the digital video medium. This was despite other significant categories declining.

According to the survey, YouTube has surpassed all of its rival streaming services, holding the largest share (excluding YouTube TV) at 7.9%.

With a 1% share, the ad-free streaming network Tubi was introduced to The Gauge as a standout streaming option last month. It ranked ninth overall, behind Pluto TV, with a 0.7% market share. In September 2022, Pluto was introduced to The Gauge.

Furthermore, “Broadcast”, another user-friendly streaming platform, recently experienced failure. Their shares decreased by 9.2% from the previous month, totaling only 23.8% in February. This was mostly caused by the National Football League's recent conclusion, which resulted in a decline in streaming viewership.

When NPL terminated, not only broadcast but other platforms suffered losses as well, such as Cable TV, whose shares fell to 30.02% and represented a loss of 5.7% of its shares.

After this, Nielsen believed that the best course of action to stop this descent from occurring every month was to remove MVPD/vMVPD (virtual/multichannel video programming distributor) viewing from streaming services like YouTube, Hulu lives, DirecTV, etc.

The total views on streaming services for the month of "Feb" were as follows:
  • 6.8% of other streaming applications
  • YouTube, 7.9%; Netflix, 7.3%; and Prime Video, 3.0%
  • Disney Plus - 1.8%; Hulu live - 3.3%
  • 1.3% HBO max
  • Peacock - 1.0 percent
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