STEM education has affected many students for the good: UNESCO’s study

STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math, is a well-known field among college students and has a wide range of potential careers. Many pupils can benefit from STEM education in ensuring a prosperous and bright future. This industry offers a wide range of vocations, including those in artificial intelligence and other STEM-related sectors that have greatly influenced the world. STEM is responsible for the talking robots that assist people with mundane tasks throughout the day, the smart home devices, and the robots that have now replaced surgeons. In the future, there will still be a ton of novel goods and technologies that we had never even considered.

Recent research on STEM graduates from throughout the world was undertaken by the "UNESCO Institute for Statistics."

This study demonstrated the percentage of STEM graduates globally as well as the number of nations that have made advancements in this field. Yet, they have worked hard to ensure that STEM education is currently offered in many schools. They excluded China from this study and only chose a small number of nations.

According to the survey, Malaysia and Tunisia, with percentages of 43.5% and 37.9%, respectively, are the top 2 nations with the highest number of STEM graduates.

Remarkably, India outperformed a lot of other nations on this survey, scoring 34%. As was already indicated, China was not included in this survey, but a 2016 report estimated that it produced 4.7 million STEM graduates annually, surpassing India's output.

Nonetheless, a 2014 research by the National Science Foundation revealed that China offers many opportunities in the fields of engineering and science. In terms of "STEM", China has 1.6 million graduates, not more than India.

The United Arab Emirates (36.2%), Germany (35.8%), Belarus (34.6%), India (34.0%), Korea (30.2%), and the United Kingdom (22.8%) are other nations that made the top 6 rankings. As seen in the report, Arab nations have performed better than any other nations, and "The Arab Gulf" has recently produced a huge number of STEM graduates, especially in Oman and the UAE.

In this survey, the powerful and well-known nation of America came in second-to-last, surpassing Brazil, which came in last. Yet, this analysis concluded that Europe is not a particularly strong STEAM region.

H/T: Statista

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