US Justice Department Probes Google’s Dominating Position In Mapping

Google Maps is facing increased scrutiny after the US Justice Department was seen investigating it for its dominant position.

The news comes after a long-standing investigation was conducted into the workings of the search giant as per reports from those that had been familiar with the news.

For a while now, lawyers from the respective department were seeking data and taking part in interviews after interviews after a pending investigation was held. Now, the probe appears to be focusing more on the likes of Alphabet Inc, which happens to be Google’s parent firm. This had to do with how the latter is now facing more anti-trust complaints.

This new development continues to scrutinize some of the firm’s most popular offerings, despite filing two huge antitrust cases against the firm. At the moment, Google’s service terms need more developers to make use of maps and all of its search products as a whole.

Moreover, the limitations seen are preventing the firms from making use of data from Google Places. This provides more detailed information, images, and some reviews of particular establishments pertaining to rival mapping endeavors.

This is similarly forcing firms to utilize one good to gain access to another one that many refer to as bundling. It ends up violating the antitrust law. In the same way, the tech giant spoke about great user experiences through restrictions, and how third parties also keep a check on how it’s used.

Developers opt to use this mapping feature of Google out of all others, as they feel it recognizes how useful it is and how much high-quality information it ends up providing. In the same way, a spokesperson by Google reiterated how it’s free to make use of different mapping services in addition to the Google Maps Platform and many end up doing just that.

So many competitors are now complaining about how such restrictions may affect innovation in so many different fields including drones and delivery. The same goes for electric vehicles.

In February 2021, a number of concerns were raised regarding Google’s restrictions and its maps. But there is yet to be any more information on this front as no comments were passed by the spokesperson of the Justice Department.

The whole matter started to raise eyebrows after the country’s Justice Department started to investigate the matter in the year 2019. So far, two anti-trust complaints were filed. One of them was linked to search and the other had to do with advertising.

The agency was seen seeking data from the firm and it had to do with mapping in regard to the search case.

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