Twitter Reduces Time Taken To Review Suspension Appeals To Just Three Days

Popular social media app Twitter is really making some great changes and this next one is sure to make its users happy.

In a recent blog post, the company tweeted how it would be reducing the time taken to review a suspension appeal. And that means within a span of just three days, users should have all of their appeals and concerns reviewed with a verdict coming out shortly too.

The news was published on Wednesday by the app’s Safety Team and they hope this new criterion would serve as great news for those that wanted further action regarding these terms.

Reinstatement of account decisions is a huge outcry among the app’s top users who feel their voices aren’t being heard on time, leaving them with no choice but to abandon the platform. But now that the company realizes this, it’s really moving forward and hoping to handle appeals in just three days.

The change has already been rolled out, as the team announced that all such decisions were being taken care of in just three days for user benefit. But at the same time, there obviously going to be some exceptions to the case.

And by that, we mean cases that are more complex and require a thorough overview before a quick decision may actually come into play. Twitter adds that delays usually arise when multiple accounts are involved or when a certain suspension has arisen years ago.

They hope people can keep a little more patience for such cases when they don’t get immediate feedback or review from the company.

On the other hand, let’s not forget how the company has mentioned in the past few days that it is going to roll out paid subscriptions for its 2FA feature. And if you wish to secure your account on the app, you must pay or surrender the useful endeavor.

As anyone can expect, the news is concerning for obvious reasons. It appears that money might be the sole incentive and even overtake priorities like security. After all, 2FA is designed to make your account more secure from threats like hackers and malicious actors who are trying to get into user accounts without them knowing.

By giving you a text message, the app authenticates your presence by knowing that someone is trying to enter your account. And that’s just so important and necessary we feel.

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