Google Paid $12 Million To Protect Its Platform Against Security Vulnerabilities In 2022

The tech world continues to evolve with time and that means there are more threats to platforms now than ever.

Security vulnerabilities continue to increase as we speak and if big tech names don’t have adequate protocols in place, they’re bound to suffer. Developers continue to rant about how their software is always at risk of new threats. This is why identifying each issue and fixing these vulnerabilities is necessary.

A lot of firms are making use of bounty programs and reward schemes so researchers can be at the top of their game and feel rewarded for taking out time and effort to assist and prevent the great risks attached.

No one is perfect and the more helping hands available, the better the chance that you’ll be protected. Hence, this is exactly where today’s report comes into play. So many actors are lingering and Google is making sure it’s staying protected.

And if that means jetting out more money to ward off the threats, then so be it. A new report says 2022 was the year when we witnessed Google pay $12 million in the bounty that tried to eliminate nearly 2900 different security threats.

One of the highest was actually a payment worth a staggering $605,000. Another sent out $468,000 for 700 reports. Meanwhile, Android’s vulnerability program saw $4.8 million be paid to those putting in a lot of effort.

Google Chrome saw nearly $4 million be paid to researchers covering some huge bugs and others covered threats seen in ChromeOS. Now, we’re hearing the news that Google is adding a new category where it wants researchers to work hard and provide incentives to target certain areas including memory corruption.

Google is a mega contributor to the likes of a community involving open-source software. It believes it can greatly benefit from such incentive-based programs. And so far, 100 are already taking part, making rewards worth $110,00 up for grabs. So as you can see, it’s a double-benefit affair at both the receiver's and giver’s end.

If you happen to be interested in how the tech giant can reward you for your efforts when and if you do make a breakthrough finding, you can visit Bug Hunters University. This was set out last year and provided some great instructional videos on how to make reports and how to actually help the tech giant stay protected in return for money of great value.

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