Twitter Is Putting Limits On the Frequency Of Tweets That Users Can Send

On Wednesday, Twitter announced a shocking decision of limiting the frequency of tweets sent out by a user’s account.

The company mentioned how the new rule would be applied to the likes of both businesses as well as individual account holders. In this way, it would prevent users from getting error texts regarding the daily limit for the release of tweets.

The decision comes as the firm’s new chief Elon Musk says he hopes the change would limit the number of DMs and tweets sent out to users each day as per a page on the app’s Help Center.

For now, the daily limit for tweets is just 2,400 but the website mentioned how the limit is further getting reduced to much small fragments for small interval periods. He also added how retweets would be included in such a limit too.

For now, it’s not quite clear what the designated allowance for such a limit would be and what the exact concept of semi-hourly intervals means to the respective account holders. If you try to send out a tweet more than once in one hour, it’s likely the app would bar you from doing so.

As per the platform’s Help Page, users that hit the limit would be given a message that says ‘try again’ in the next few hours after that period has ended. But again, what that period is, no one knows.

The news from the afternoon hours of Wednesday where users claim they were able to go over this rule by taking part in tweet scheduling. So by setting out the tweet in advance, you’re better able to overcome errors linked to reaching the daily limit on the app.

On the other hand, the Help Page has gone on to speak about how all limits set out entail at least 500 different DMs a day and also put forward a limit on accounts that users are following to 400 daily.

The app says that following accounts in an aggressive manner are never recommended as it affects the number of people on the platform. Moreover, Twitter says it hopes to cap the total number of users that any account can follow to just 5000. And if a user wishes to follow more, then it would be limited by a ratio that’s account specific.

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