Twitter Engineers Devise New System That Promotes Musk’s Tweets But Users Are Not Happy

Elon Musk has been having a bit of a whirlwind on his own Twitter platform. The company’s CEO demanded answers from his engineers when his tweets were lacking in engagement, which Musk found to be embarrassing.

He reportedly put up a Super Bowl post about the Eagles’ win which didn’t quite get a lot of impressions. Moreover, it was humiliating because it actually ended up getting less engagement than what President Biden had tweeted regarding the same subject.

So as you can imagine, Musk was not happy and his engineers were called in to fix the system. But what happened next is definitely worth a glance. Musk demanded answers and immediate ones.

The engineers worked hard and within just one day, they were able to provide a new system that actually gives the Twitter chief a chance to have his own posts exclusively marketed on the app without any worry.

Yes, you heard that right. Musk and Musk alone would be getting his collection of tweets promoted across the platform. And whether a user liked it or not, they would have to deal with it.

Clearly, people were not happy. Seeing an algorithm that benefits its own CEO so openly is not at all a great feeling. People were definitely expressing concerns and they demanded answers.

It’s clear that this issue has been bugging the Twitter chief for weeks. He did not appreciate the low engagement his content was getting and some local media outlets also mentioned that he fired one of the two main engineers of his firm for not doing enough to curb the issue.

The engineer in question had reportedly spoken back to Musk and provided a justification for the issue that Musk did not like. In fact, it was rather offensive when he claimed the lack of engagement had nothing to do with the system but due to a lack of interest of people in Musk.

Therefore, other speculations spoke on how the issue was currently being monitored, and the engineering team was given a deadline to fix the matter or face termination. On that note, 80 people have pulled aside and requested to begin working on this project. It became a huge priority and with round-the-clock activity, we’ve now come down to this.

One explanation is people had blocked or muted him and we’re not quite surprised as to why. Whatever the case may be, other explanations were even provided like technical issues leading to poor app performance. At the end of the day, Musk announced how the issue was resolved and all of the CEO’s posts were provided with the green light.

This meant bypassing all of the system’s filters and even going about experiencing an artificial boost by the thousands.

But what that actually meant for Twitter users is that people that opened up the platform recently were seeing Musk dominate their feeds. Dozens of his tweets and their respective replies were seen by those following and not following him.

Soon after, a smart Twitter user took to his account to announce via thread how he may have the perfect solution to curb such a problem. According to him, a series of steps can be followed to not see Musk’s posts as frequently as he may have hoped for.

Gergely Orosz explained to fellow Twitter users that blocking him and setting a mute term for all of Musk’s name variants was the trick. Moreover, he claims to have made the change months ago and it works like a genius. He even swears how it made his in-app experiences millions of times better as now, he hardly ever sees such mentions.

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