Vint Cerf Warns Executives Not To Rush To Invest In Conversational AI

While AI may be trending in the tech world, Vint Cerf, the father of the internet, has a bold message to the world regarding the hot topic.

He agrees that looking at ChatGPT may appear to be enticing and quite lucrative to use but no business should scramble to make investments in this sort of a subject.

The message was laid out to top executives who might feel pressurized to secure business deals on conversational AI. He says it’s just not worth it and is now pleading with others to open their eyes before it's too late.

The conversation was conducted recently at a California-based conference situated in Mountain View where he says rushing is definitely not the way to go about the situation. And what better time for the warning to arise than now, when ChatGPT is gaining immense popularity.

He further revealed how there is a huge ethical issue attached here and many organizations were failing to see it. Yes, people are definitely admiring the great success of ChatGPT and the other variants that are to be launched in the market soon like Google’s version. But knowing that it is not exactly working in the manner that we’d like it to is a clear indication of what the future holds with these inventions.

Both Microsoft and Google are trying to achieve healthy competition by setting out their own AI chatbots despite knowing it is making some huge errors. They are trying to better the technology but it might not be going as planned.

Yesterday, the chief of Alphabet announced how such systems are far away from being perfected and that means we can’t use them for a wide range of purposes. After all, inaccuracies and toxicity are matters which need to get resolved before bigger public releases. And for that, a lot of comprehensive testing needs to occur.

Cerf is certainly speaking from great experience. He was the VP and Google’s leading internet evangelist since the year 2005. And above all, he is known for being one of the biggest fathers of the internet world. This has to do with his contribution to co-designing architecture that’s used to build a great internet foundation.

Cerf further elaborated on how the temptation to make AI investments when it’s hot and trending is definitely seemingly cool. However, it comes with plenty of risks that don’t quite work out right.

He warns against the thought that selling to investors because something is hot is not the right way to go, ever. Clearly, that earned some major laughter across the board and he’s advising against it.

Only those decisions that are thoughtful ensure success. And while the world cannot predict what is going to happen soon with such types of technology, there are certainly some hints to pick up on.

Human greed is immense and that’s why Cerf says that using technology needs to be restricted to prevent its misuse.

He gave his own example of when he requested the chatbot to instill an emoji at the end of a sentence. It failed to do that and ended up saying sorry but again, failed to make changes and carry out the command. So it’s clear, according to him, that the world is a long way from seeing technology doing what it is requested to do.

The father of the internet rightly put it as being hard to differentiate between a fake response and one generated in a very eloquently expressed manner. And we have to agree with him on this.

Photo: Flickr / Vint Cerf

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