Twitter Allows Its ‘For You’ And ‘Following’ Tab To Default To User’s Preference

At the start of 2023, Twitter created its For You tab as a feature that was shipped with a particular oversight.

Whenever the user tried to close the Twitter platform or web client after making a switch to the app’s Timeline feature, we saw it defaulting. It ended up going back to its For You feed after coming back.

Then toward the end of January, we saw the company taking another step to address the concerns of so many including this particular oversight.

It tried to make amendments to web clients so that it could better remember where the user left off, right before they shut all of their tabs. Moreover, during that period, the firm says a similar change was coming forward for both Android users and those with iPhone devices.

Today, we’re hearing more about how the change is now up for grabs. Yes, it’s not going to bring back the likes of the app’s old button called Twinkle but what it does do is allow you to stay connected to the timeline of your choice.

Moreover, if you happen to make use of Twitter to follow different events taking place in the real world, remember that this might make it so much simpler to make use of this app for such a purpose.

Remember, the changes made to the firm’s interface are coming at a time when the organization has made a decision to get rid of its respective third parties. This particular move caused apps such as Tweetbot to shut down completely. And in the end, only official clients were left with a way to gain access to the app.

To make the most of this change, don’t forget to update the app on your devices today.

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