Cameras from Early 2000s Are Slowly Becoming a Trend as Some People Are Using Them For Aesthetic Grainy Photos

Hashtag about digital cameras (#digitalcamera) is trending as it got about 220 million views on TikTok in 2022 and now people want to buy the cameras from ebay and etsy. The trend is seen as being related to the revival of early 21st century fashion styles as they are coming back in the year 2023.

Scott Ewart, a 32-year-old from the Isle of Arran, has become popular on TikTok for his retro gear collection and has received more than 5 million likes on his account. According to Scott, many people find these vintage items nostalgic and comforting, reminding them of their childhood and simpler times. He also said that he finds it quite refreshing to go back to something so simple and easy to use. Older cameras require more effort to get the best results, whereas with today's smartphones, it's almost impossible to take a bad picture. He also said that he started collecting the items with his parents' old cameras, but now his collection has rapidly grown to include more than 30 pieces of equipment.

He continued that people often ask him about how he edits his pictures. But his answer is that he doesn’t because he wants to show the real beauty captured by vintage cameras. According to eBay UK, the final quarter of 2022 saw a growth in people searching for these devices. This included a 13% increase in searches for "vintage digital camera" and a 52% surge in searches for "refurbished camera".

Etsy, a platform that specializes in handmade and vintage items, has also observed a growing interest from shoppers in the past six months. Currently, it has over 19,000 digital camera-related items listed online.

Katie Glasgow, who lives in New York, is using her parents' old cameras to take photos and videos. She likes how the pictures look old and imperfect, like memories. Younger people who never used these cameras find it interesting because it gives them a glimpse into the past. With smartphones, you can take lots of pictures and videos, but with older cameras, you have to be careful about what moments you want to keep.

Paul Greenwood says that people seek comfort during times of uncertainty and discomfort in the world, such as the pandemic and other calamities. The grainy, imperfect look of photos taken with old cameras is seen as more authentic, and this is what younger generations, like Generation Z, are looking for.


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