TikTok Introduces New Initiatives To Help Those Suffering From Eating Disorders

To help celebrate Eating Disorders Awareness Week, TikTok is taking part in a collaboration to mark the event.

This comprised a partnership with the NEDA to put crucial information in the spotlight. Similarly, the app hopes to work side by side with leading creators to better highlight important resources as well as tools that assist those with the alarming condition.

The main component of TikTok’s eating disorder push has to do with alerts generated in-app. These are designed to provide more insights and details in the form of data and links.

The company says that it hopes its users can now find more information regarding the situation. Furthermore, it would also entail some life-saving resources and tips for the support of loved ones going through the ordeal.

They would now be able to gain easy access to treatment options and also provide some confidential helplines to better manage the situation. So many TikTok creators would be busy sharing their insights on the matter as well as recovery experiences that they’ve been through. Simply add the hashtag called ‘its time for a change’ and reap the benefits.

As per the latest details from NEDA, so many people are affected by eating-related conditions, and by that we mean 28 million people in the US alone. There are millions more affected around the globe with the age bracket leaning between 12 to 25. They make up the majority so as you can see, it’s a very concerning ordeal.

Therefore, TikTok does not wish to waste more time and has jumped on this bandwagon so more people can benefit and rely on its platform for security both on and offline. But with that news comes some more interesting outlooks including how TikTok has been accused of diverting users to view more alarming content on this subject. Its algorithms are designed in a manner that those who are interested in such dangerous diets can view easily.

TikTok mentioned recently how it never allows such content of this nature to arise on the app nor does it take part in the active participation of calling such behavior normal. Instead, it says that it’s working on redirecting such searches for certain phrases linked to eating conditions directly to the helpline of the respective regulatory association.

The same goes for its own Safety Center. Hence, the ideal measures here have to do with addressing the element further and assisting the app to enhance the systems so it provides the best insight for those at risk.

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