TikTok Gives More Access To Its Research API To American Nonprofit Educational Institutions

While you may have thought the relations between TikTok and US lawmakers were going to have a negative impact on the platform’s growth in the country, a new report is proving otherwise.

The app is expanding its API reach to various nonprofit institutions in the education sector, which are all located in the US. This decision was announced on Tuesday when the firm says it is still in its expansion of a test conducted in November.

This test had to do with experiments in the line of research API and now, it hopes to give more universities and respective researchers the chance to apply for better access. And the matter is going to be under the control of the firm’s data security department located in the country.

During that period of time, the app mentioned how so many researchers were having trouble gaining access to different types of content. Furthermore, they find it awfully difficult to carry out tests on the app. And that is when it struck TikTok that it would be required to launch a research API to help so many other people.

The company mentioned how its goal right now was to increase transparency in the community of research. This is a part of their efforts to be held responsible for how content is moderated and even recommended to different users across the board.

This new API would entail data from the public regarding information and accounts that are found on the platform. And it hoped to give more access to researchers for study purposes around the globe. And now, it appears the plans are working in full swing as they begin with academic researchers across America and then expand further to different destinations. They similarly hope to tag along with those linked to NGOs while building momentum.

Thanks to the leading social media platform providing more access to data belonging to public accounts, we can expect to see details such as comments, profiles, and even performance stats up for grabs. This may include likes, comments, and even favorites of the user. Additionally, they’ll get more information linked to keywords for the respective searches taking place.

The news is definitely being taken in a positive context by TikTok and the world as it tries to better its relations with the US lawmakers who accuse it of breaching privacy policies by tracking users in the US.

They similarly accused the firm of being a national threat to security because of the fact that it shares the data with government officials in China. And after such allegations were put forward, the firm is constantly facing a lot of scrutinies.

American officials ordered government staff members to delete the app from any of their office devices, citing security issues. This was an order generated last year in December.

So far, the ban has entailed 20 different states across the country but fears did grow that we might be seeing many more, leading to a complete ban in the nation. And that can never be a good sign for TikTok which has a huge user base in this part of the world.

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