TikTok Gives Creators More Chances To Make Revenue By Rolling Out Its Creativity Program

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the world’s most sought-after platforms on social media. We’ve seen it try to roll out different avenues in the past through which its users can generate more revenue.

And today’s launch of a new Creativity Program is no exception. The platform says it is launching the initiative for creators in beta for now but it hopes for an expansion soon.

Moreover, it shed light on how it is a totally different venture from the likes of its Creator Fund. This new rollout is getting launched with the goal to give creators the chance to put out videos of longer duration. And by that we mean more than the usual 60 seconds, allowing them to be able to attain the option of funding.

As per the app, users that wish to be able to benefit would need to fulfill the program’s eligibility criteria. This means being above the age of 18, overcoming the minimal requirement for followers count, and also overcoming the minimal requirements set forth for video views. Obviously, having an account with good standing is also needed.

For the creator to begin generating revenue, they would need to put out high-quality content that is original and also longer than 60 seconds. And this would also allow them to have greater access to the likes of a new and updated dashboard for video viewing criteria.

Similarly, it would need more revenue and better metrics in terms of video performance with great analytics. As you can see, this is a big change from the classic short-form video approach that was taken on in the past.

TikTok is not promoting longer-form content for monetization but we won’t lie, the whole endeavor is a little bit vague for understanding. It might have to do with the fact that things are very new right now and it’s too early on to make assumptions.

But the app claims that this new system won’t be re-routing funds from the usual likes such as advertisements. They further elaborated on how all payouts would be based on the likes of RPM and qualified views.

Meanwhile, creators that have themselves already a part of the app’s Creator Fund would be given the chance to alter to this new initiative called the Creativity Program. And anyone that’s not applied to either may apply but to only one of the two options on the rise.

But let’s not forget how this new change is being looked at with great skepticism. The Creator Fund is seeing creators feel left out with its awful fluctuating payment system. Money is provided from a set of funds to creators and so far, it has a mixed bag of reviews with so much criticism.

Creators complained that despite having increased views, they were getting fewer funds. So as you can see, these types of funding models aren’t actually the most reliable ones out there today. Creators who wish to seek a reliable source of revenue from one app aren’t probably going to head toward this one, while other leading creators are already heading to other apps like YouTube to get the money that they feel they deserve for their hard work and efforts.

YouTube has really proven itself to be a creator’s best friend. The leading Partner Program has been doing a great job in this respect. And now that the firm is testing out a new funding program for its Shorts, we’re bound to see a flock of creators turn to this with open arms.

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