Microsoft Is Expanding The Lengths Of Chats For Its New Bing AI While Testing Out Different Tones

It was only yesterday that Microsoft announced how it would be introducing a new update for its AI-powered Bing Chatbot.

It hoped this would solve a lot of problems that many people were having in regard to the bizarre responses produced by the tool.

Now, we’re hearing the software giant is working on a few tests including an expansion of chats that users may have with the Bing AI search. Similarly, it is testing an array of different tones that would give rise to more precise and creative answers.

These moves are in line with efforts designed to limit access to this type of technology. The news comes after media reports really added a negative image of the AI tool going berserk last week.

There was plenty of feedback as well as criticism from users who felt that the tool was exhausted and no longer wished to engage in helping its users.

But now, Bing Chat would be allowed to give answers to around six questions simultaneously per chat initiated. After that, users would be required to begin new topics as confirmed by Microsoft’s last post that was published on Tuesday.

In the past, we saw Microsoft adding a new chat limit comprising five answers that would entail 50 total chats each day. Meanwhile, the software giant also spoke highly of 60 interactions as a whole every day with plans to expand that to nearly 100 soon.

On the other hand, the tech giant mentioned how it would be experimenting with different tones for the chats taking place. This would show if the Bing search wished to be more precise in the responses or add a dose of creativity. Maybe a balance of both worlds would be appreciated.

The end goal is to enable the company to allow for chats that are longer in length and more to the point with time. However, it hopes to do this in a more responsible manner.

The company stated recently in a newly published statement how they are working closely with a small group of internal testers but bringing the results up to the public to better learn as well as improve the end product.

This is definitely the latest update in the new AI chatbot that Microsoft has launched. It’s far apart from what the initial design comprised during the launch at the start of this month. Moreover, such technology amalgamates Bing’s old search with the advancements brought through by OpenAI. The latter is the brainchild of the viral ChatGPT tool.

Clearly, the advancements in the world of generative AI technology are really massive and carry the potential to revolutionize the manner in which users interact with the world of technology today.

Microsoft has proved with the time that the new Bing AI may assist people planning vacations on a daily basis. And since then, it has really paved way for endless tasks that users may attain assistance for.

In the past week, we saw critics raise plenty of concerns linked to Microsoft’s new Bing AI and how it might have been rushed for a public launch as it appeared to be not ready.

Those getting early access noticed how it started giving vague and uncalled-for answers, not to mention some that were disturbingly emotional.

Meanwhile, Microsoft was forced to step in and justify the behavior, putting the blame on excessively long chats that led to the outcome. With time, it does hope that improvements would be made to this tool. And now that we’re hearing about new tones for chats, it’s definitely going to provide a new way for interactions.

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