Microsoft All Set To Enhance The Quality Of Its AI Bing Chatbot With Its Next Major Update

It has only been days since we heard about the mega launch of Microsoft’s most sought-after chatbot that’s powered with AI technology.

But there happens to be a lot of issues attached when all of a sudden, a plethora of reports began coming in on how the chatbot was acting in a bizarre manner.

It was not only generating weird responses, but it was also giving out information that was sub-par, and clearly, users were not happy with the news. Therefore, software giant Microsoft who is behind the endeavor is not planning on letting things go so easily.

And that is why they claim to massively improve the quality of the AI-powered Bing Chatbot through the likes of a major update. This is all scheduled to arrive as early as this week, Thursday to be more specific.

The news was confirmed today by Mikhail Parakhin, the head of the firm’s Advertising and Web Services.

He mentioned through his account on Twitter that this upcoming week would be really big for the firm. A set of improvements are already in terms of Bing’s quality which was scheduled to make a remarkable change in the way the chat works. But he did add how results linked to the world of sports would still be a little flaky as they’re still trying to figure out a way to fix that.

But in general, users would be witnessed a major confidence booster in the chatbot’s general quality across the board. For the likes of sports scores, you’ll be required to wait a few weeks more.

When asked about which types of changes we’re most likely to witness, it’s going to be a huge increase in the size of the context. This would eliminate mistakes in the summaries and text analysis department. Similarly, we’re bound to see changes in the likes of response tagging. So all in all, that would give rise to a more efficient and less confusing chatbot for longer-length chats.

The company is also looking forward to making changes to a few errors pointed out recently by Glenn Gabe. This means seeing fewer errors in the Bing chat for the Edge sidebar, where previously, it was making some huge mistakes.

So if you wish to see the chatbot really turn into its best version, Microsoft says it hopes its own team and its users would continue using it and testing it so more flaws are detected early on and fixed as required.

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