Apple Gears Up To Expand Its Communication Safety In Messages For Kids Feature To Six More Nations

It was toward the end of 2021 when we heard about iPhone maker Apple launching an initiative that was designed to better the safety of children in the world of messaging.

This was called the Communication Safety in Messages and at the time, the launch was restricted to the US. Then in the year following that, we saw it further expand to six more nations. And now, the country says it hopes to have an even bigger expansion to six other countries. This entails the likes of Japan, Belgium, Brazil, and also the Netherlands among others.

To refresh our memory, this new program enables the Messages platform to detect when children receive an explicit image or is trying to send one out. Whenever the former happens, the app would blur out the pictures through automated means. But that does not mean kids can’t opt to view the image after that because they really can.

However, the Cupertino giant confirmed recently how the goal is to provide guidance to younger audiences about how such means are age-inappropriate and hence. Apple hopes that next time around, they realize that and opt to make a better and safer choice.

This feature is actually disabled by a default setting but when a user ends up enabling it, the initiative can scan all images and access the device with ease. So what you end up with is content that’s sent through iMessage would always be E2E for maximal protection.

The news was first published by the likes of iCulture which says the Cupertino firm would be planning a launch of the expansion to six more nations in the next few weeks. While Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, and Brazil are definitely on the list, two more European nations are yet to be unveiled.

For now, the US, Australia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, France, and the UK are the destinations where you can avail of the benefit as of now.

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