Businesses Put On Alert As Fraud Attempts And Cyberattacks Are On The Rise

Deepfake technology that allows malicious actors to conduct fraud attempts and cyberattacks against businesses is on the rise again.

Businesses are being targeted at a more frequent rate than before as per reports from new research. This gives rise to a very important point of how many products and services are required to assist organizations in defending themselves against the likes of theft. And this can be done by stopping identity theft.

ID proofing platform ID R&D says that around 42% of companies have fallen victim to such attacks where actors disguise themselves to be someone else. Meanwhile, 37% claim they’ve been through some serious injection attacks. The latter is the name reserved for an attract where threat actors can bypass security protocols in a place like cameras.

Another method is by adding digital content in data streams. So as you can imagine, this sort of deep fake technology may help to overcome biometric authentication in certain cases. And in nearly half of the cases, fraud that arises due to chatbots is a huge threat.

All of this is linked to a lot of worries and pressure that firms are now feeling, explain experts. Around 90% of such companies and their clients are very worried about fraud arising but 84% of them were expressing a similar concern in terms of injection attacks. And by the looks of it, we might be seeing 20% successful account takeovers soon to counteract such technology.

Deepfake is the name given to highly sophisticated AI-powered technology. Users can produce some very convincing videos of others. And by adding this type of content with videos to a certain platform, they come up with something that’s unique and so the person being copied ends up saying or doing things that they may never have thought about.

The initial application was dangerous and so many actors ended up adding the faces of leading celebs into the adult video content.

Meanwhile, we also saw a number of apps that were more entertainment based. They began to produce fake videos of the likes of Trump who said a number of things that we would expect him to say. But in this case, it was all made up.

And then there were videos that showed how during the process of entertaining, some things might be a little dangerous and damaging. It’s hard on most occasions to see which video is real and which is made up. But as days go by, the problem continues to get worse and it seems to be no way out.

Now more than ever, it’s necessary to come up with the right solution to overcome such challenges before it’s too late, as revealed by experts.

As per the experts at ID R&D, the best solution forward is to have the ID Live Face Plus. This manages to do just that. But whether or not it’s the only solution forward, we’re not quite sure but for the time being, it’s better than nothing.

Illustration by pikisuperstar / freepik
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