Six Graphic Design Trends To Lookout For In The Year 2023

The world of graphic design is all about expressing yourself in the most unique manner.

Each year, we’re bombarded with new trends and this year happens to be no exception. And we thought it would be interesting to kickstart the year 2023 with a bang by unraveling them all, straight from the experts in the industry.

2023 is all about vibrancy and by that we mean bold and bright hues that give rise to the classic candy pastel trend which coexists easily. Meanwhile, we’ve got the likes of anti-brands or anti-design arising that’s been super relevant in the past and so we can expect it to continue in the future too.

Whether you’re on the lookout for creating your own design or wish to seek certain design elements to get a better understanding of your employee’s work, it’s sure to come in handy. So let’s get right into it!

2023 is a year full of optimism as we try and make our way through the post-pandemic period. But with the economic uncertainty arising and inflation peaking further, there’s a lot to consider. Experts in the graphic design industry claim that 2023 is all about expressing yourself. You’re giving the chance to enlighten others with your styles in art, various characters, and even diverse personalities.

Anyone and everyone can self-express their thoughts and as more businesses dive into the world of social media apps, it’s so important to maintain that unique image through the world of graphic design. And this urge to be unique is what has brought on unique styles and brighter hues and self-expression.

1. Rebirth of Y2K

When you talk about expressive art, you can’t forget to mention the Y2K era. It has been there for a while now and it’s one of the most unique esthetic periods that entail holographic gradients. You can say hello to vivid hues and now it’s back!

To add it to your product, simply combine 3D glass effects with minimal typography, and by that, we mean saying by too bold fonts. Simply make use of this style on various decks for your presentation, ads, posters, and even product packaging.

2. Character illustrations

Character illustrations with an inclusive twist mean saying hello to themes like religion, culture, gender, nationality, and even preferences in design. It’s time to celebrate diversity and the world of special human personalities.

The idea is for a business to create a great brand identity that stands out using such character illustrations. It’s like the ultimate touch to create anything like a report, a proposal, an invite, or even graphics linked to the world of social media.

3. Abstract botanical illustrations

Abstract designs that fuse bold outlines with shapes to create a whimsical pattern including Botanics are sure to make it big this year in graphic design. While we agree that floral elements have been present for a while now, this type adds expressive themes to reimagine gradients and patterns. It’s a great option for things like greeting cards.

4. Cartoon stickers with a retro twist

This trend is following us since 2022. Retro-futurism is coming to stickers arising in bright tones. You may utilize them to add a touch of personality to school newsletters, resumes, infographics, and even banners for social media too.

5. Modern display fusion of organic shapes

Another great trend to keep an eye out for in the year 2023 includes typography that arises in modern display kinds. It combines organic shapes while giving you a playful composition that’s used to make a brand’s image more youthful, funky, and lively. You can see this coming to the likes of websites, brochures, and even packaging.

6. Unique data visualization

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got a trend that uses expressive art in things like data visualization and numbers in 2023.

So many people make use of modern typography that highlights crucial data from charts and pictures. This is great for turning infographics, business pitches, reports, and also presentations into something more interesting and worthwhile. After all, what better way to convince people than through data of your own kind.

In conclusion, the tech world continues to evolve and with the way things are rapidly changing in terms of social transformation, it’s always great to be alert to what’s trending and how you can include that into your business. So why not start today and reap the benefits later?

Infographic via: Piktochart
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