Bots Could Get New Lifeline On Twitter As Musk Allows Free API Access To Those Offering Good Content

Just last week, there was an outcry among developers when Elon Musk opted to shut down all sorts of free access allotted to its APIs.

Today, we’re seeing a sigh of relief as the new Twitter CEO has tweaked those claims after receiving feedback from its developers.

Last week, he said that from February 9, no more free access would be allowed. Now, just days away from the deadline, he says it would be providing ‘write only’ APIs for those producing good content.

But again, the news is awfully confusing and not very clear-cut as the term good content is extremely vague, and what or who decides that is still not determined. However, if the firm does begin the implementation of this decision, a few bots would be getting new lifelines on the app.

In the past, Twitter closed doors on its APIs getting accessed by third parties, claiming they went against the firm’s long-standing rule without informing or providing any form of specifications. Now, the company hopes to silently renew its new developer terms so that it reflects the platform better.

It wants to bar access to Licensed Materials so that it makes a substitute or any type of similar service that is seen for Twitter Applications.

Meanwhile, after such an announcement, there were plenty of developers who began making fun of the bots, now mentioning that such decisions were not in the company’s best interest. They went on to add how automation was sending out free content to users and was also working to better their services.

In the past week, Buzzfeed interviewed a few developers of such bots that were clearly disappointed with the initial call by Musk. Some were those who randomly tweet free images of restaurants while others tweeted pictures of various locations and weather updates.

For now, it’s not quite clear if such accounts that send out tweets about leading execs would be allowed to attain such free tiers as a lot of scanning of account details would be required.

Meanwhile, one developer responsible for making more than 80 bots spoke to TechCrunch and added over a recent phone call that the decision for having automated accounts is not something new and has been in place for a while now. He similarly mentioned how some bots with thousands of people following them added joy to users’ lives on a daily basis.

He further spoke about how this decision would be costly for Twitter as now they would be required to maintain bots sending out free-of-cost content on the app. Having just 80 bots under his belt, he reminded Twitter how thousands of dollars must be spent to ensure they keep functioning well and no one has that type of money.

For a while now, Twitter has been on the lookout for ways to produce more revenue through different means. Be it expensive subscription plans to gaining more funds through the likes of advertising, the list is long. Some reports even speak about showing ads in Twitter replies so that the creators can benefit as well.

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