Researchers release a list of top apps Americans want to keep and delete

A recent study found that many users are looking to delete popular social media apps, while newer platforms such as Mastodon and BeReal are seeing significant spikes in active users.

The new study from VPNOverview revealed that while these popular social media platforms continued to have large numbers of users overall, they weren't growing at a rate that could compete with more modern alternatives. People seemed tired of consuming the same content and wanted something different—something fresh. The fact that these alternative services offered unique features, such as end-to-end encryption, gave them an edge over their competitors.

Social media app usage has been steadily declining over the past few months, with some of the most popular apps seeing significant drops in downloads and use. Though Mastodon was a flashy newcomer in 2020, its presence had also begun to cool by the year's end. This trend will continue into 2023, and it will be interesting to see which apps can rise above the competition and become the next big thing.

It was a strange year in the world of mobile apps. Everyone who had been paying attention to trends over the past decade saw it coming, but when it finally happened, no one was entirely prepared for it, as the TikTok period gained popularity; people were more interested in having similar perspectives. Several of the most well-known apps, like Facebook and Instagram, started to experience a sharp decline in active users as people began flocking to newer platforms like Mastodon and BeReal.

Mastodon witnessed a 581% growth in active users, BeReal saw a 268% gain in active users, and Netflix raised rates while maintaining its popularity. In just one month, the rise of Paramount+ was phenomenal. The number of active users on the app increased dramatically (33.55%) between November and December 2022.

Several people went to alternate choices for conversations and a platform to advertise their work after Elon Musk's widely publicized takeover of Twitter. Mastodon responded to the request; its active user count increased by an astounding 4231 percent, while rival apps, such as Facebook Messenger, saw steep declines in both downloads (80%!) and use (-52%). Social app Mastodon lit up like wildfire throughout 2020, only to cool down gradually at year's end when it posted drops across all metrics.

Over the past six months, downloads of social media apps have been steadily declining. Facebook Messenger's usage has dropped by an astounding 80%, while ClubHouse and Snapchat fell 58% and 46%. Even giants like LinkedIn (declining 41%), WhatsApp (dropping 35%), Disney Plus (diminishing 31%), Instagram(reducing 25%), Bumble, Spotify & Facebook all saw notable reductions in download numbers at 23-24%.

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