Facebook Fights Off Mega $3.7 Billion Lawsuit Over Abuse Of User’s Data For Monetary Gains

Facebook was seen fighting off a mega lawsuit worth a collective $3.7 billion after it was accused of abusing its users’ data to gain monetary benefits.

The tech giant was called out for having a dominating position in the industry by a series of claimants that filed a case at the London tribunal. But the decision is not final yet or shall we say, it’s only temporary. And that’s because the claimants are now being given a period of six months in terms of another chance to establish their accusations with further evidence.

The mega action lawsuits would affect Facebook’s parent firm Meta which is brought on by the likes of nearly 45 million users of the Facebook app in the United Kingdom.

Legal expert Lixa Gormsen who is heading the case claims users of the platform weren’t given proper compensation for the value linked to their personal data that was a requirement on the platform.

Moreover, her lawyers mentioned in the previous month how the Competition Appeal Tribunal would now certify this lawsuit under the country’s collective proceedings and that’s more or less equivalent to it being dubbed a class action regime in places like the US.
But on Monday, we heard the tribunal mention that the means by which the losses taken on by Facebook were established did require some tweaking and revisiting for such a lawsuit to go on further.

However, the case’s judge did speak about how he was providing the claimant’s legal team a span of six months to pile up more evidence that would highlight some new and improved blueprint that would carry on to a more effective legal trial.

This is when we heard more details from Meta’s spokesperson who says the firm is welcoming such a decision and is calling the case out as one that lacks merit.

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