69% of People Think Their Workplace is Toxic

America is currently undergoing a phenomenon that has been dubbed The Great Resignation. People are quitting their jobs far more often than they ever have in the past, and it turns out that 40% of people are considering switching to a new job in 2023 with all things having been considered and taken into account.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that workplace unhappiness might be one of the leading causes of The Great Resignation. According to a poll conducted by ARRIS Composites, 26% of people have reported that they are not satisfied with their current jobs.

30% of workers also stated that they feel undervalued at their current place of employment, which is something that can make them less likely to stick around than might have been the case otherwise. It should be mentioned that women seem to be having a somewhat rougher time of it than men. 25% of men reported feeling undervalued, whereas 33% of women said the same.

69% of people went so far as to say that they have worked in a toxic environment in the past, with 25% saying that they are currently tied to such a workplace. 73% intimated that they would feel much more comfortable working for an employer that considers company culture to be a priority, so this is likely going to be something that they go looking for when they search for new and hopefully better jobs.

More competitive salaries might be an even bigger priority for those who are on the hunt for jobs. 62% are leaving their current jobs in the hopes that the new one will provide them with a salary that’s more in line with market rates, and 29% said that they hope to be able to see some upward mobility in their new roles.

All in all, it appears that people are leaving their jobs for a myriad understandable reasons. Employers would do well to address these concerns, otherwise they will have a hard time staying competitive in an increasingly stressful labor market.
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