New Survey Proves Trust In Twitter Is Declining Among Democrats While Rising Among Republicans

The great thing about the world of social media has to do with the simple fact that trends are never constant and always tend to fluctuate.

It appears Twitter is experiencing something of the sort, as recently revealed by a new study. According to that, the number of users seen across the platform in America has declined by nearly 9% since billionaire Elon Musk took charge.

Right before the Tesla CEO’s ownership of the firm, the survey presented results outlining how 32% of Americans were currently using the Twitter app. And then when we saw the results at the end of 2022 like December and January of 2023, this figure witnessed a decline to reach 29.5%.

This particular survey comprising 25,000 US citizens was carried out by the COVID States Project which happens to be a joint initiative of a few top-ranked universities in the country including Harvard. These institutions are well renowned for producing reports linked to the likes of epidemiology, social science, and even public opinion polls.

Mostly Democratic party supporters witnessed the decline and they were reported as quitting the platform as a whole when compared to the likes of the Republican party supporters.

38% of those linked to the Democrat party made use of the Twitter app in October of last year but that again saw a decline of 33% in January of this year. This is a clear-cut change in Republicans as well as independent users who showed how they were statistically insignificant.

One top professor who was a part of the committee that carried out this study mentioned how the study’s results were truly surprising to him. He told this during an interview with BuzzFeed News and says that he thought Democrats would have dropped using Twitter as Musk mentioned a lot of things that were very partisan in nature. And the mere fact that such things were not matched by a rise of Republicans is definitely worth a notice.

Elon Musk likes to describe himself as someone that is independent and hence likes to mention things that he feels align well with him and not what others feel about him. Similarly, we’ve seen him interact with all sorts of far-right accounts such as Libs hailing from TikTok. Then we witnessed him take part in the restoration of accounts that included the likes of those in top far-right positions like Donald Trump and Laura Loomer.

But some felt that since this poll was conducted online, there is a likeability that some sort of bias arose toward certain people more than others as these are the ones with existing social media accounts.

Only 23% of individuals across the US mentioned that they use Twitter and hence sentiments of trust linked to Twitter and the likes of its CEO Musk were assessed.

Those that liked to call themselves Democrats were not willing to trust Musk as much. Moreover 48% claim they don’t trust him one bit to do what is right. Another 28% mentioned how they don’t trust him a lot but it’s not too shocking as the trust factor linked to such apps was never on the high side. But with the likes of the Republican party, it did go up after Musk became the company’s CEO.

Remember, in the past, we saw Democrats claim that they had full faith that Twitter would do what was right as compared to the likes of the Republicans. But that appears to have dwindled greatly.
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