Musk Claims OpenAI Was Created To Be Non-Profit But Now It’s Making Huge Profits Under Microsoft

Elon Musk may be the co-founder of the firm behind the viral ChatGPT tool but he’s not holding back in terms of some bold confessions related to it.

Open AI was designed with the thought of it being a non-profit organization that would seemingly help benefit the world. But according to the billionaire, it’s just not the case anymore.

He says that after heavy investments and partnerships from Microsoft, it’s designed to generate nothing but more and more money, taking on the route of a maximal profit endeavor.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO took to his account on Twitter to justify why he was so involved in the OpenAI firm at the start, claiming it is now what it never intended to be. And that is a firm that makes so much profit that’s regulated by software giant Microsoft.

In the same way, the billionaire says while sending out a response to a tweet that he did understand the world of AI came with plenty of risks to society. And that is why he still feels that it needs more regulation to flourish.

The billionaire has been saying for a while now that AI needs proactive regulation so this is not something new as his quotes on the subject date back to the likes of 2018. At one point in time, he did explain how it holds more danger than nuclear weapons. That came with an in-depth discussion linked to fears about Google’s Deepmind taking over the universe.

But he is not happy with the way OpenAI is functioning and the place it stands. The name is self-explanatory, Musk revealed. It was designed to serve as big competition for Google but it was supposed to be open-source. But now, it’s shifted to the likes of being a closed source and churning out profits like it's no one’s business. And that was never his intention, to begin with.

For now, OpenAI is staying relatively hush on the matter. They are yet to generate any response for such comments linked to Musk, despite him being the firm’s co-founder since 2015.

Musk has called it out as being a non-profit that is dedicated to the likes of turning digital intelligence into a manner that is accessible to all and benefits all of humanity. But in 2019, it shed all of its non-profit statuses and was deemed profitable so it could raise more money and serve as an attraction for more investors.

Meanwhile, the firm did also highlight more about its striking partnership with Microsoft in the same year. And that’s when it was provided with a huge $1 billion investment by the tech firm.

After the launch of it in November of 2022 with its ChatGPT tool, the rollout managed to soar to immediate success where 100 million users were using the feature in the span of just 2 months. And after seeing what a golden incentive it could prove to be, Microsoft opted to set out more investments comprising $10 billion into the AI enterprise, starting this year.

In 2018, Elon Musk opted to resign from his position on OpenAI’s board of directions. He wished to steer clear of more conflict in the future with his firm Tesla as he wished to make self-driving vehicles working autonomously a big deal. But just one year later, the Twitter chief shed light on why he really did resign.

A lot of the clientele that OpenAI was competing for was similar to Tesla and hence a lot of decision-making was just not working in his favor.

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