Google’s New Secret Deal With Apple Unveiled Where It Shares Some Of Its Search Revenue From Chrome On iOS

Have you ever wondered why Apple never launched a stark competitor for Google Chrome, despite the latter experiencing a huge amount of success as a leading market player?

The new report by The Register might have the answer to such a question as the search engine giant is being called out for taking part in a secret deal that is slowly getting out in the open.

As per the report, Google is actually paying a chunk of its search revenue that’s generated from Chrome on iOS to Apple. And that’s why the iPhone maker is sitting still and pretty content with the offering without putting out any challenger of its own that would put Google Chrome in danger.

Apple attains the revenue generated through searches that are produced by the Android maker’s own platforms like Chrome that’s current download on various Apple devices such as iPads, Macs, iPhones, and more. A person whose identity is anonymous confirmed the claims as they were hailed for being a part of a series of recent business deals that discuss such matters in private.

One of the biggest sources of Apple’s Services revenue does indeed arise from Google’s payment. And these go up to multi-million dollars on a yearly basis. In return, Google Chrome is guaranteed the position of being a dominant and default option in the world of search.

Moreover, even the fact that this deal has gained great scrutiny today, another major factor involved has to do with the likes of both tech giants having a great financial relationship with one another.

All those people using Google Chrome on iOS devices by Apple are in turn helping the iPhone maker make more money as Google pays a slice of the revenue generated. But it’s not mentioned exactly how much the search engine giant is setting out to Apple as a part of this ordeal.

The report further elaborates on how the arrangements made for revenue sharing are a part of the investigation by the Competition and Markets regulating body that functions across the United Kingdom.

The report highlights how Google sets out money to Apple in the form of a share of the total revenue generated through search engine traffic for iOS via a number of different contexts. And all of these were highlighted in detail.

For starters, it pays Apple in return for turning out to be the default search provider on the likes of Apple’s Safari. Similarly, it pays Apple a share taken from revenue generated by traffic arising through Safari. And lastly, it also pays the Cupertino firm a revenue share that comes from x search traffic.

While it appears to be just a chunk of the revenue, it’s certainly a big one and the reports claim that such endeavors are worsening the likes of competition on the platforms that arise between other browsers functioning across iOS devices.

Similarly, we see the report pointing fingers at the likes of December 2021 when a lawsuit related to antitrust was filed in the state of California. It went on to be updated in March of 2022. And that is where it was alleged that the search engine giant sent out billions for Apple and made agreements in place related to sharing profits with the iPhone maker. The idea was to ward off any seeming threat that came from that direction of Apple being a competitor.

When questioned about all of these actions, the CMA blatantly spoke to The Register about how it cannot issues comment or disclose details on such matters as they’re very confidential.

So they aren’t saying yes neither are they denying it. But if this is in fact true, it’s a huge reveal.

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