Twitter Gives Users Another Setback After Announcing Charges For Two-Factor SMS Authentication

In today’s modern digital world, you can never have too much security and privacy. It’s no wonder why users scramble to pay extra and attain features that guarantee just that.

Twitter users have been securing accounts using a two-factor authentication feature via SMS. But as per new rules, the platform is opting to remove the free-of-cost endeavor, starting March of next month.

So if you wish to attain that extra layer of protection, you’re going to have to pay for it as it’s no longer free of cost and would be offered as a subscription fee. The other option is to eliminate the feature and perhaps opt for something else.

For those that might not be aware, the feature enables users to protect accounts in situations of password theft. Moreover, those that do have the feature enabled can simply access their account after plugging in passwords and codes that are attained via a simple SMS or any other app for authentication. Other features that can be utilized include the likes of the security key.

The firm recently mentioned in a blog post how it was not keen on enabling users to log into the SMS feature method for the 2FA until and unless they join the Blue Twitter Subscription offering.

For those still confused as to what significance it holds, the app is yet to make it necessary for log-ins however experts do feel it’s one of the best means when resorting to a safe and carefree in-app experience.

Twitter went public with the news on Friday where they tweeted that the feature only puts a restriction on the types of methods available for 2FA that aren’t already Twitter Blue members.

The app’s Blue subscription fee currently stands at $8 a month if taken through the web but you’ll have to pay $11 if subscribing via a mobile device like iOS.

The app’s users may alter their 2FA app by entering the settings of their account. After pressing on the likes of security and account access, you’ll see three options enlisted in a space designated 2FA.

The news from Twitter came a few hours after a tweet from Zoe Schiffer came forward about the change.

But users may not be too happy as this looks like another means through which the app is enticing more people to subscribe as advertisers take a step back.

The company has been struggling on the revenue generation front and therefore is trying to search for alternatives by which it can make money without having to rely heavily on ads.

Today, the app’s subscriber count stands at 180,000 in America so as you can imagine, it’s not loved by too many of the app’s people. But it still hasn’t given up hope yet. It wants to offer new blue ticks, more exciting features, and some more options for longer tweets across the board.

Meanwhile, the change also arises at a time when the platform is facing a lot more scrutiny amid complaints from top whistleblowers about how the firm fails to do more to protect its own users on the app.

In 2022, so many complaints arose about how the 2FA system was not even functioning properly. And that’s when the app under the leadership of Musk hoped to search for cases where SMS codes failed to get delivered to respective users demanding it.

Twitter has similar spoke about how the feature is often used and abused by those wishing to inflict harm on the app such as hackers and other bad actors.

These individuals try to gain access to certain codes sent out via texts by transferring a user’s phone number to other devices via a procedure called sim swap.

For security-savvy users Google Authenticator is still a good option to try.

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