Apple User Accuses Company Of Being Unhelpful After Her iPhone Was Stolen

A woman is accusing tech giant Apple of being unhelpful after her device was stolen last year in November at a bar located in Manhattan.

She says that a suspect ran off with her device after snatching it from her. Moreover, she assumed Apple would be reassuring and assist her with the entire process of recovery but that was not the case.

Reyhan Ayas who hails from Istanbul works as a leading economist at an intelligence firm called Revelio Labs. At the start, she spoke to the WSJ about an investigation regarding how iPhone robbers were on the rise and they tried to lock people out from their respective Apple devices via the likes of a passcode.

After using the user’s password, they would change it and start stealing money from their respective bank accounts.

A recently held interview with tech giant Insider spoke about how the suspect was simply standing out of the bar with her phone when the culprit and came took her iPhone 13 Pro Max. As per the account of the incident, he saw her using the phone and entering the password at a particular point in time. And that’s when he kept eyeing her, looking for the perfect moment to steal the device.

Hence, the 31-year-old was left with no choice but to borrow another individual’s device to try and locate the woman using her ‘Find My iPhone’ Function. But she was already locked out of the device by that period, she had no idea what to do and what was going on.

Therefore, the only thing that made sense to her at that point in time was filing a complaint with the police and showcasing alerts for requests for a password reset and more credentials for logins. This was right after her device ended up getting stolen.

Insider was seen reviewing the police report as well as the alerts generated in this case.

Since she did not have any access to the account owned by Apple, she couldn’t even make a login through a MacBook device. Therefore, she alerted the support team at Apple who told her to attain another SIM and another device. Despite doing all of this, she wasn’t able to gain access to the account.

Over the past one day, she had $10,000 taken away from her bank’s account as per a recently published bank statement that was seen by Insider. Therefore, the only way out was to open up a new ban account and shift her respective funds into it.

This whole time, she was trying to seek support from the Apple Store team. But as per her experience, they failed to assist her in all respects, She applied for an Apple Credit Card but didn’t get it easily.

The woman elaborated on how the company’s team kept on asking her if she tried ‘to find my iPhone’ and was getting really frustrated by that point in time. She says that obviously she tried it and her whole life was being torn down. But all these people wanted to ask was this.

Another one of her most recent chats highlighted how one Apple Rep explained to her that there wasn’t any way to get access to the iCloud account. She slammed the firm and says that they claim to be so helpful and secure but when it comes down to helping users, they’re far from excelling.

We won’t lie about the matter being highly disturbing and concerning. As explained by one former officer at the NYPD, so many similar crimes are taking place over the past two years in various US states and it’s about time tech giants like Apple got their act together.

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