Captions On Twitter Spaces Disappear For iOS Users While Failing To Function Across Other Platforms

If you’ve got an iOS device and happen to be a fan of Twitter Spaces then you might want to read further below.

The company has opted to remove captions on its Twitter Spaces for all iOS users. But the problem is not just that. The other platforms where it’s located prove that the feature fails to function. Moreover, it’s bizarre how Twitter does not realize this and still markets the offering.

The platform says that users can press on the three-dot menu seen in Space but it won’t be up for grabs on iOS as the option was recently deleted.

So why is it that on other platforms, it should be working but it’s not really? Whenever you hear a Space on the internet, captions don’t appear. And when you opt to switch the CC or close the caption feature back on, it just does not work as confirmed by The Verge today.

This sudden loss of Twitter Spaces’ captions feature is a huge drawback and a major blow to gaining accessibility across the Twitter app. Remember, captions can be an awfully useful endeavor for those having trouble with hearing the content’s audio.

Moreover, captions disappeared for a while now and when we see a post made in January of this year, we can see how a certain version was removed from the app’s 9.4 offerings. And this further elaborates on the news that it never worked for quite some time now.

The whole situation is definitely very bizarre but it does seem that it might be linked to Elon Musk’s decision to cut out costs by the masses. It has already undergone some painfully fast firing sprees and it continues to take place with time. And that too, despite the Twitter chief claiming that phase is over for the firm when in reality, it’s clearly not.

On another more concerning front, we saw Musk turn an entire data center of the company off and there are more reports of the company not paying the rent of its offices too.

For now, the company is awfully silent on this matter and is yet to release any comments despite being requested to do so. Could that have something to do with how the firm even dissolved a chunk of its press-related office too? Who knows what’s next?

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