Microsoft Is Ready To Give Its Edge Browser A Dreaded Discover Feature For Recommended Content

For a while now, we’ve seen some great reports about Microsoft’s Edge browser and how so much work is being done in this regard.

And most of it has been positive including the likes of introducing productivity features, enhanced password managers, and also a reimagining initiative which is set for launch soon.

But among that, there is news about a new and upcoming change that many call out as the worst one that a browser could ever receive. This is in the form of a new button called Discover that was first noticed by insiders at the company working for its Dev & Canary channel.

Crictics eyeing the decision taken by Microsoft for the launch claim there is nothing more wrong that can be done than the launch of this initiative. Moreover, they feel everything about it is incorrect.

For starters, the feature is set on the exact location where the Menu button was once present. Therefore, one attempt to open this browser would give rise to plenty of other annoying misclicks.

Secondly, there are plenty of questionable visuals that would end up taking users away from the whole clear-cut and simple icon that we’re accustomed to seeing on a usual basis. The design is minimal and it distracts people away, thanks to it being bright purple in color.

Yes, it’s quite similar to the rest of the sidebar, it’s not getting smaller. And it’s a part of the only feature that users can’t reposition or get rid of from this toolbar.
The Discover feature also opens ‘on hover’ and not when a user opts to click on it. In case you forgot, people hated the thought of Windows by Microsoft launching features like News and Interesting and Widgets opening up in a similar manner. Therefore, after getting all those negative reviews, it had to make plenty of amendments and reconsiderations. And what we got, in the end, was the option to click and people were happy.

But clearly, despite going down that road, it appears the software giant is yet to learn from its great lessons. This tab opens up on the likes of hover or click and even if you detest it, there’s nothing that could be done.

For now, the insiders at the company are not happy, and considering the fact that it’s yet to be launched for the masses, this is certainly some concerning news. Did we mention how insider forums on Edge are getting plenty of heated comments about this too?

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