StatCounter released the market share report for web browsers, with Google Chrome leading the chart in January 2023

StatCounter recently released its January 2023 report on the market share of web browsers. Surprisingly, no significant change has been observed in the figures.

Starting as the leading desktop browser, Google Chrome has retained its position as the most widely used web browser. It holds a market share of 66.39 percent. The browser was successfully able to add 0.25 points to its share. Microsoft Edge came in second with a share of 11.09 percent. By gaining 0.11 points, the browser went from 11 percent to 11.09 percent in 2023. Tech giant Apple was not far behind, as Safari got the third spot with a share of 9.33 percent. Safari gained 0.32 points. Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox was successfully able to get the fourth spot with 6.87 percent of the market despite losing 0.34 points. And lastly, Opera took the 5th spot on the list by adding 0.12 points to its market share, bringing the figures up to 3.42 percent.

Moving on to mobile desktop browsers, once again, Google’s Chrome got the top spot with 65.35 percent of the market and gained 1.04 points. With Microsoft unable to introduce Microsoft Edge on Android or iOS devices, the browser could not make it to the list, hence the second spot was taken by Safari. Apple’s browser holds a share of 24.45 percent and gained 0.9 points. Next up, Samsung Internet, despite losing 0.6 points, still got the third position, leaving Opera in 4th. Opera added 0.14 points to its shares and held a share of 1.78 percent, and UCWeb’s UC Browser came in 5th with 1.47 percent of the market after losing 1.34 points.

The analytical company stated that the data was collected from over 1.5 million websites. Hence, there is still a chance of potential error, and as a result, the report may not be fully accurate. The company, however, did share insight on how the data is collected from different websites and later used in preparing the report.
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