Microsoft Edge’s Much-Anticipated Built-In VPN Spotted In Its Stable Channel

For a while now, we’ve been hearing a lot about software giant Microsoft launching a test of its native VPN last year. This was to be included in its Edge browser.

The feature was called the Edge Secure Network and was outlined as having 1GB of free data. Moreover, it was designed to better enhance privacy or to work around the usual privacy restrictions in different regions that have different types of websites.

And while there is yet to be any sort of an official confirmation from the company rollout, some users have already confirmed sightings linked to the browser’s stable version. This is without any sort of Preview tag. In the past, this feature was only up for grabs to those users on Edge but it appears like things are changing.

It’s not a very traditional practice to see VPN services pop up like those launched in the manner of the Edge Secured Network. This doesn’t force users to pick out one specific server in a certain location or nation. Similarly, it provides three different types of modes for customization of user experience as per their needs.

For starters, there’s a Select Sites version. Here is where Edge users utilize the VPN on those sites that are specific with the tag ‘Use VPN’. For instance, if you require only VPNs for access to one or at most two web pages in a certain restricted region.
Next up, you have an Optimized option. The idea here is to reroute any traffic via a VPN when you are required to connect to the public or any network that doesn’t have the best security. Similarly, it goes for websites that arise without any valid certification. You can even route video content in areas outside the designated VPN. And in the end, that allows you to save up on data big time.

Lastly, the third variant is called All Sites. And this one is the simplest of them all as it ensures the built-in VPN is functioning at all times.

For those that did not know, Microsoft gives all of its users of Edge the chance to experiment with 15 GB of traffic on a monthly basis, and that too for free. But with time, after a complete launch to the masses, experts do see this going back to 1 GB only. And those that need extra would be required to buy more. For that, the prices are yet to be unveiled.

H/T: DRWindows / GHacks

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